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Marek Michalak
Marek Michalak was born 1980 in Gdansk and got a liking for organ music already at the age of approximately four years.

In 1987 Marek and his parents emmigrate to Cologne, Germany, where he went to school and in the mid 1990s Marek took piano lessons for a limited time.

Currently Marek is studying International Business and Management Studies at Arnhem Business School and is spending an exchange year in Helsinki, Finland.

He takes a liking in a broad spectrum of music.
Apart from music Marek's interests include motorsports, chess, and computer programming.

Zbigniew Michalak
Zbigniew Michalak was born 1959 in Sopot and was raised in Gdansk.
For eight years he studied piano, guitar, and percussion at Gdansk's music school.

Zbigniew emmigrated to Cologne, Germany, with his family in 1987 where he currently runs his own small business and software designer.

He takes a big liking in classical music.

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